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People & Organisational Performance

We empower people and organisations to think and behave differently, by unlocking the value inherent in leaders, experts, and individuals.


For over three decades we have been powering people and businesses to think and behave differently; building trusted partnerships with clients to challenge the status quo and use our expertise and insights to create high-performing organisations.

We accelerate performance across five specialisms:

  • People: Building core capabilities that power the performance of people
  • Leaders: Creating leadership capabilities across organisations irrespective of role, level or function
  • Experts: Unlocking the value of experts and amplifying their impact across an organisation
  • Change: Accelerating the successful delivery of change at lower risk
  • Organisation: Transforming cultures to create high-performing organisations by creating behaviours at scale
  • Digital: Woven throughout and underpinning all our solutions is our innovative digital learning content that either compliments our blended solutions, or as standalone modules, where scale and time to competence is paramount.

Our outstanding reputation is founded on delivering inspiring, innovative and practical content, supported by development journeys that combine the best of digital, virtual and face-to-face learning. Our clients tell us that we add value by boosting productivity in individuals and networks, driving up the return on their investment from change programmes, building organisational strength, and fortifying their reputation with stakeholders.

Our development journeys for the modern learner

Our experience in digital learning allows us to blend creativity and pragmatism with our face-to-face and virtual approaches. We help clients develop learner-centric digital strategies using our proprietary learning framework. We capture the attention of learners by designing compelling and creative content to captivate audiences and drive results. We also scope, build, review and advise on learning platforms to ensure you get the ROI from your learning ecosystem.

What makes us different

Our People

Our people bring together two important worlds: blending operational multi-industry knowledge and expertise in learning and behavioural development.

It is the combination of these skill sets that makes us different – we take concepts and approaches rooted in organisational research and apply them in context to your business.

We have multi-sector expertise across Financial Services, Telco, Utilities, Pharmaceutical and Retail, bringing expertise that can be shared across all.

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