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People & Organisational Performance

We empower people and organisations to think and behave differently.


For over three decades we have been powering people and businesses to think and behave differently; building trusted partnerships with clients to challenge the status quo and use our expertise and insights to create high-performing organisations.

We accelerate performance across five specialisms:

  • People: Building core capabilities that power the performance of people
  • Leaders: Creating leadership capabilities across organisations irrespective of role, level or function
  • Experts: Unlocking the value of experts and amplifying their impact across an organisation
  • Change: Accelerating the successful delivery of change at lower risk
  • Organisation: Transforming cultures to create high-performing organisations by creating behaviours at scale

Our outstanding reputation is founded on delivering inspiring, innovative and practical content, supported by development journeys that combine the best of digital, virtual and face-to-face learning. Our clients tell us that we add value by boosting productivity in individuals and networks, driving up the return on their investment from change programmes, building organisational strength, and fortifying their reputation with stakeholders.


To establish a base level ‘norm’ of high performance, organisations need specific behavioural capability at all levels. Our model for high performance contains twelve behaviours in four clusters that are demonstrable in successful organisations. We embed these behaviours in a client ‘blueprint’ to establish a shared definition of ‘what good looks like’, to accelerate performance in and between staff, teams and organisational silos. This can be established from ‘Onboarding’ where we accelerate time to effectiveness to ‘Core Capability Programmes’ for any particular cohort, equipping people to perform in the modern workplace whatever their role.

Whilst ‘Leadership’ is a status bestowed upon more senior people in organisations, we also believe is a mindset and a set of behaviours that can be developed in everybody, irrespective of their role, function or seniority. The impact of Leadership increases dramatically when you start to connect it throughout the organisation to create high impact networks.  We help organisations make these shifts to exploit technology and data capabilities, satisfy regulatory demands, improve the customer or client experience, and drive enterprise wide agility.  Our solutions leaders and managers, from early career to C-Suite, to achieve breakthroughs in performance and to accelerate a workplace with equality at its heart, enabling diversity to flourish.

Our research demonstrates that ‘Experts’, those people with deep knowledge, expertise and experience in a particular domain, typically deliver no more than 40% of their potential value to their business. We support businesses who invest in this population and have seen this contribution move to an 80% minimum.  We unlock the power of domain experts by developing their individual behavioural capability and confidence, connecting them through networks and communities, and building new career paths as an alternative to the traditional managerial paths.  Our solutions allow experts to apply their technical expertise in ways that galvanise others to higher levels of performance, and to have greater strategic, commercial and organisational impact.

Confident & capable change leaders have a disproportionately positive impact on accelerating business, technology and regulatory investments. Our research programmes have identified the primary enablers of success that must be present, and the additional factors that will amplify their impact.  We build this into practical tools and techniques for practitioners at all levels, from Analysist to Executive Sponsors. We bring a unique “art” of change perspective leveraging our “Conditions for Success Model” to equip change leaders to identify hot spots and challenges that impact success and take action to reduce the 48% of change programmes that deliver no value. Our programmes and workshops develop sponsors, change leaders, PMs, BAs & Product Owners to be curious to identify what is not working and act as game changers in accelerating progress.

We understand, design, develop and manage cultural transformations, scaling the right behaviours from individuals, through teams, to the whole organisation. We support organisations to clearly, and practically, articulate their vision and purpose, turning these into behavioural blueprints that real people in real role can relate to.  With our behavioural development capabilities, we shift organisations to focus on cultures dominated themes such as Customer Service, Conduct, Engineering, Risk, and Commerciality.

Our development journeys for the modern learner

Our experience in digital learning allows us to blend creativity and pragmatism with our face-to-face and virtual approaches. We help clients develop learner-centric digital strategies using our proprietary learning framework. We capture the attention of learners by designing compelling and creative content to captivate audiences and drive results. We also scope, build, review and advise on learning platforms to ensure you get the ROI from your learning ecosystem.

What makes us different

Our People

Our people bring together two important worlds: blending operational multi-industry knowledge and expertise in learning and behavioural development.

It is the combination of these skill sets that makes us different – we take concepts and approaches rooted in organisational research and apply them in context to your business.

We have multi-sector expertise across Financial Services, Telco, Utilities, Pharmaceutical and Retail, bringing expertise that can be shared across all.

We invest in our relationships, delivering a world-class client experience.

Our Insights

We view high-performing organisations as having achieved the right ‘behaviour at scale’.  Using our research-based tools and models, we can define a behavioural or learning blueprint to reflect your strategic intent and then scale it across the enterprise.

Our methods create a structured learning journey with a continuous cycle of learning, practising, reviewing and applying to create immediate and sustained higher performance.

Your Context

Whilst every business strives for higher performance your context is unique to you. We invest time to understand your purpose, outcomes, strategies and challenges, and enable you to think differently about them.

We then work with your people to create learning experiences that will deliver measurable outcomes and further your strategic agenda, through role, team and organization-relevant learning activities, projects and case studies.

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