Automating Assurance – Helping a client automate their quality framework

  • 63% reduction in QA resource

  • 70% automated quality framework

The situation

A UK energy supplier asked us to provide analytical resource as they wanted to outsource the build of the automated quality framework in speech analytics. The client also required expert support to deploy and scale quickly, with multiple analyst resources working concurrently to deliver the project and significantly reduce the full-time equivalent of their existing manual quality assurance (QA) team. Most importantly they needed to upskill existing analyst resources to ensure self-sufficiency in the speech analytics solution once the work was completed.

Our approach

Our experienced analysts assessed what could be automated within the existing QA structure, provided recommendations and guidance for leveraging data and analytics for items that could not be automated. They worked alongside and led the client’s team, upskilling members in our ‘build and test’ methodologies and ensured quality and productivity expectations were met.

Shortly after the initial engagement, we identified gaps in the existing QA structure and worked with the client to re-define the criteria and for the automated QA design.

Our expert analysts operated as a combined virtual team with the client, solving problems and delivering new solutions to ensure a successful project delivery.

Return on investment

Our analysts delivered 100+ categories and 25+ scores in a short amount of time and managed to automate 70% of the quality framework, resulting in a 63% reduction in QA resource.

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