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We provide independent and dynamic assurance across the financial services industry. Partnering with you no matter what your challenge, we can deliver meaningful reviews and solutions that are easy to understand, even for the most complex of topics.

We assure risk and control frameworks across all lines of defence giving you the confidence that it is robust and fit for purpose. We work with boards of financial institutions providing assurance that policies are aligned to risk appetite and regulatory requirements. We work with clients to uncover and categorise risks and then help mitigate them. We design, implement, and carry out risk assessments and provide assurance on both the design adequacy and operating effectiveness of controls as well as providing guidance on best practice and any required remediation. Our audit skills along with our industry and regulatory subject matter expertise and experience mean we can partner with you in an impactful way.

Davies’ wider practices have further subject matter experts giving the Assurance practice and therefore our clients access to both a wealth of knowledge and scalability across the globe to support your needs.





Davies’ core Assurance services

Regulatory & Change Assurance

Regulation and Change can come about for various reasons, growth, strategy or a change in landscape. We work with Boards, Committees, C-Suite and senior business and control function leaders to deliver assurance reviews on all manner of infrastructure and control environment change programmes, be they strategic, regulatory transformation or required remediation. By utilising knowledge, expertise and experience from across Davies, we can provide you with the confidence that there will be no unforeseen risks and that you are in the right position before moving onto the next stage and/or before responding to regulators.

Risk & Control Assurance

We provide independent assessment of your risk frameworks across Board, 1st and 2nd LoD including risk appetite statements, governance structures, risk identification, policies and procedures, metrics, controls, and roles and responsibilities. Our experience means we can benchmark versus best practice, identify gaps, assess remediation plans and implementation, helping you to create a robust and comprehensive risk framework.

Internal Audit Services

Working with Audit functions across Financial Services to provide general auditors, audit specialists, industry experts and Quality Assurance, Davies has the full suite of technical expertise and the flexibility to support Internal Audit functions on a wide variety of engagements. We can provide one SME for 10 days over 5 months or multiple auditors for resource augmentation over multiple years, we can co-source or provide out-source services. No engagement is too big or too small.

Why Davies?

We’ve been there and done it


We’re not consultants who will turn up and learn for the first time what the area requiring assurance is all about. Our staff have knowledge gained from having on average 15 years of industry experience, giving us the expertise to understand and respond to your challenges, regardless of the complexity. Many of our staff have held senior management positions across risk, compliance and control functions in 1LOD, 2LOD and  3LOD of major global institutions and we’re able to benchmark across the industry and share best practice. We understand and relate to your challenges because we’ve been where you’ve been and will partner with you to find a solution.

We don’t just talk the talk


Our industry experience means we’re able to walk the walk too. We don’t believe in sales pitches which aren’t backed up by substance. We carefully choose who from Davies to send you on an engagement by engagement basis and depending on your needs, they will have experience of either assuring the area in question or having worked in it. They will understand even the most complex of topics and challenges. Having this depth and breadth of knowledge means we can challenge and advise appropriately, we understand the technical jargon stakeholders use and this helps us to build credibility and rapport.

Regulatory experts


Our expertise extends to Regulatory knowledge. We are Regulatory experts and maintain strong relationships with key regulatory authorities and industry bodies in the UK, Europe and the US. We understand the regulations and what they mean for your business, the impacts and opportunities of existing and upcoming regulations.

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