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Assurance is a critical component in every organisation as part of their risk mitigation framework. It acts to strengthen and enhance the control environment across all three lines of defence.

We deliver assurance services that are independent and industry-leading. Working with our clients on their greatest challenges, we deliver compelling insights that are broad in scope and complex in nature. We help to assure and enable robust risk and control frameworks across the three lines of defence and work with boards of financial institutions, support clients with front-to-back risk discovery and mitigation, undertaking risk assessments and assurance on both the design and operating effectiveness of controls as well as the provision of advice on regulatory and control remediation. Our specialist audit skills and subject matter expertise mean we give boards, businesses, control functions, and Internal Audit functions support they truly value.

We provide a fully integrated assurance approach delivered in close partnership with our firm’s other core service offerings, leveraging the full breadth of our firm’s domain expertise as well as scale and global reach.

Board Level:

Assisting boards, senior executives, and audit & risk committees with strategic and regulatory assurance reviews to provide confidence in the organisation’s systems and controls.


Supporting clients in front-to-back risk discovery and mitigation through the design, implementation, and testing of risk frameworks, and the delivery of assurance over controls, for example, ‘front office’ control environments.


Working with compliance, risk, finance, and technology functions to provide assurance over risk management policies and methodologies and the organisation’s adherence to them. By harnessing machine learning and Al, we can maximise monitoring capabilities and identification of emerging risks.


Providing subject matter expertise, specialisms, experienced auditors and a suite of outsourced services to enable Internal Audit functions to deliver impactful and insightful audits, that are forward-looking, fit for the future, and, above all, effective.

Our core services

We work with Boards, C-Suite and senior business and control function leaders to deliver reviews and assurance on strategic challenges and opportunities, regulation, transformation and programmes, leveraging expertise from across our global network, and advanced technologies to deliver insight and confidence.

We review, assure and mitigate risk frameworks across board, 1LOD and 2LOD, including risk appetite statements, risk analysis, reporting metrics, reviewing governance structures and defining clear roles and responsibilities for each line of defence.

We work with Chief Auditors and Heads of Internal Audit to offer a comprehensive suite of services to support internal audit and their delivery of leading edge and insightful audits.

The right partner to make a difference

Unparalleled knowledge and experience in financial services

We are a practitioner-led organisation with an average industry experience of 15 years, giving us unparalleled expertise to draw upon. Many of our practitioners have held senior management positions across risk and compliance functions in 1LOD, 2LOD and  3LOD of key global institutions.

Experts and market leaders in risk management

We are agile and have proven we can effectively draw on the depth and breadth of knowledge and experience across all the firm’s capabilities to bring the right expertise to bear and help you respond to increasingly complex challenges through market-leading thinking and innovative solutions.

Trusted by regulatory authorities and industry bodies

We maintain strong relationships with key regulatory authorities and industry bodies in the UK, Europe and the US, which provide us with unique insight into the direction of policy making and the strategic impacts and opportunities of existing and new regulation.

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