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Financial Crime & Regulatory Compliance

Financial Crime Surveillance programme: Integrating PRA SS1/23 MRM principles

Prudential Regulation Authority released new model risk management guidance on how banks should properly assess the efficacy of second-generation solutions.  

Financial Crime & Regulatory Compliance

Strategic benefits of outsourcing Regulatory Compliance

Continuous monitoring of employees' compliance with ethical standards is crucial for maintaining a robust compliance program.

Banking & Markets

How to Measure and Monitor FMI Risk 

For CCPs, there is an expectation that in extreme circumstances, default funds can be used, and there have been recent examples of this happening.

People & Organisational Performance

Learning without noticing: reaching the modern learner

Provide employees with opportunities to learn even when they don’t realise it

Asset & Wealth Management

Could 2024 bring real transformation to Asset and Wealth Management?

The rising star of 2023, Generative AI, is joined on my list by two themes

Customer Experience

Davies analytics experts assess Awaken

In this second part of our conversational analytics vendor assessment, we are going to be taking a look at Awaken