Revolutionising contact centres with real-time analytics: 4 employee benefits

27th February 2023

With the introduction of real-time speech analytics, contact centres are being revolutionised in ways never imagined before.  

From improved customer service to increased productivity, the organisations that have been brave enough to embrace this new technology are reaping the rewards. But what about the employees themselves? What benefits can they gain from using real-time speech analytics in their day-to-day operations? 

What is real-time speech analytics?

Before we jump into employee benefits, let’s quickly define real-time speech analytics. In short, it uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technology to analyse speech in a contact centre setting, providing agents and supervisors with actionable insights about customer interactions.  

This type of analytics looks at everything from customer sentiment to pain points and object handling times – meaning your employees can get a complete overview of each customer interaction.  

While analytics in contact centres is nothing new, the ability to derive and act on insights in real-time is a game changer for organisations as it gives them the power to optimise customer experiences live on the call, rather than waiting for a report to be produced. With this in mind, let’s look at four ways in which real-time analytics can provide employees with the tools they need to hit those KPIs and truly shine. 

Improved quality and compliance

Perhaps one of the most apparent benefits of real-time analytics is improved quality monitoring. In contact centres, supervisors need to ensure that agents are adhering to quality standards and compliance regulations, but it can be difficult (if not impossible) to review every single conversation manually. 

With real-time analytics solutions, the software will automatically flag situations where the call handler has missed a step or deviated from a script. In doing so, employees will be prompted to take action in a timely manner, rather than being informed of their error after the fact. If the agent still doesn’t take the necessary steps, supervisors can quickly intervene and provide the necessary guidance. 

Improved coaching

In contact centres, coaching is typically based on recordings of previous interactions. However, this method of coaching has its limitations – as it relies both on supervisors having the time to listen to recordings and agents being willing to re-examine past conversations. 

With real-time analytics, supervisors and managers can sit side-by-side with agents and provide them with on-the-spot coaching. This means they can be more responsive to the way their employees are interacting with customers and provide them with tips and advice when they need it most. 

Improved performance and productivity

Agents will no longer have to worry about trying to remember everything they need to do in customer interaction, as real-time analytics solutions can provide them with prompts and reminders based on the speech that is being analysed. This will ensure that they stay on track with their targets and are able to handle conversations in a more efficient manner, thus improving their performance. 

Real-time speech analytics software can also help agents boost their sales performance by identifying the perfect time to upsell and cross-sell. Not only does this improve close rates, but it also increases employee satisfaction as they reach their performance goals. 

Enhanced customer experience

One of the most critical responsibilities of a contact centre agent is to ensure a positive experience for customers. By employing real-time analytics, call handlers can promptly gain insight into their customer’s wants and needs – allowing them to respond swiftly with appropriate recommendations that may be able to assist in resolving their issue more efficiently.  

Moreover, the utilisation of live speech analytics gives an extra degree of clarity when detecting how clients feel about the services provided. By being able to act on such sentiment quickly, agents are then capable of always providing exceptional customer service. 

In summary

Arming your contact centre staff with real-time analytics will empower them to act quickly and effectively on customer interactions, ensuring they are always giving customers the best possible experience. On top of this, supervisors will be able to provide employees with the guidance they need to improve their performance and reach their targets. Ultimately, the benefits of real-time analytics are clear, and organisations should take advantage of them to ensure they remain competitive in a rapidly changing landscape. 


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