Legal Solutions

Health and Safety

24/7 specialist advice and support to businesses and individuals.

Legal Solutions have years of experience in handling investigations and prosecutions for corporate manslaughter, gross negligence manslaughter, health and safety, food safety, environmental matters, and coroner’s inquests. Many of the cases have been high profile and we have been on hand to provide advice in relation to PR and communications.

Our lawyers are aligned to sector teams, including transport and logistics, leisure and hospitality, retail, food and drink, public sector, manufacturing, construction, and care, which ensures that cases are handled by lawyers who understand the specific challenges that a particular business or individual faces.

Available 24/7, our team has national reach, so we can be on-site quickly to provide vital support and advice in the immediate aftermath of an incident, helping to prevent/mitigate enforcement action, and contain the incident.


Chris Newton - Head of Regulatory

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