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Unrivalled depth of experience.

Our team of 130 specialists operates across the UK, acting for all four of the major legacy insurers, as well as large corporate and public sector bodies. Legal Solutions provide a full-service disease offering; combining high-level strategic support and an experienced scalable volume proposition that deals with all types of disease claims, long and short tail. With a proven track record of successfully defending the full spectrum of disease claims, we commonly deal with complex claims involving multiple defendants and insurers. We have worked with many clients to help formulate their policy for floodgate scenarios involving NIHL, WRULD, HAVS and dermatitis claims.

From low value/high volume NIHL claims to group-action abuse claims, Legal Solutions has the expertise, experience and innovative approach required to handle claims and ensure indemnity spend is kept to a minimum.

We provide our clients with crucial insight into current trends, and how they can improve their strategy and reduce claim costs. With our MI and claims data, you can really ‘Know Your Opponent’ (KYO). By identifying errant claimant behaviours, whether across several firms or an individual one, we help our clients develop strategies to counter these behaviours. This has proven to be a very effective measure in reducing claims costs.


Peter Kenworthy - Head of Legacy Disease

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