Legal Solutions

Credit Hire

A full end to end service across the UK.

Staffed by over 200 credit hire experts, and receiving over 40,000 claims per annum across our product lines, Legal Solutions has the size and expertise to exert and influence change at both a macro and behavioural level within the credit hire market, resulting in substantial cost reductions for our clients.

Our credit hire team handles every element of a credit hire claim, from our volume outsource service at GTA notification stage, to our extensive litigation and fraud expertise.

Providing a unique end-to-end solution, we offer our clients a significant benefit by removing the duplication of costs incurred when using multiple suppliers. Most critically, however, we also ensure a holistic strategy throughout the claims lifecycle.

Our primary focus is on medium to long-term goals, rather than purely transactional savings – and by addressing claims inflation we can reduce your total credit hire bills year on year.


Gary Herring - Partner

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