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Success is best shared

Start by investing in the development of high-performance behaviours that encourage everyone to lead and outperform themselves.

Don’t wait until mid or late career to invest in your people.

‘Success is Best Shared’ means replacing the ‘power of the few’ with ‘the influence of the many’, replacing ego and recognising that Leadership is best delivered through a network, not a cascade.

Invest in school leavers and graduates, make behavioural development an imperative for the many, not a luxury item for the minority. Traditional models teach us to adjust our leadership style according to the motivation and capability of the people we are responsible for: the more motivated and capable they are, the more we focus on outcomes. The less motivated they are, the more we focus them on tasks.

Then you can move more people to focus on outcomes instead of tasks, encouraging more widespread success, which becomes infectious. Smart organisations are developing such high-performance leadership behaviours around four themes.

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