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Customer Experience Overview

Customer experience (CX) remains a pivotal differentiator in every market. Effective CX builds loyalty and reputation; it can justify higher prices and enhance staff retention. But with customer expectations constantly rising and the range of touchpoints evolving rapidly, smart organisations know how valuable an independent perspective can be to delivery consistently effective CX.

Our goal is to help organisations understand the CX they want and need to deliver, ensuring that it’s aligned with your wider business goals.

Guiding you through your CX transformation

Summary of Consulting Services

We provide strategic thinking, robust analysis and professional services including change management at all stages of the CX journey; Review, Operating Model, Sourcing, Technology and Change.


We help organisations explore the CX they want to deliver – whether that’s simply improving performance within the existing operation or evolving it to include additional channels or respond to external pressures, such as regulatory change.

Operating Model

Changes to organisational strategy, evolving customer behaviours, and the emergence of new competitors can all drive the need to rethink the customer experience (CX). But when it comes to CX transformation, how is always as important as what. Organisations need to know how they’re going to deliver the CX they want for their customers and need to understand how to evolve from the current CX to the target one – and how best to monitor whether you’re delivering it.


Whether to drive flexibility and agility, reduce cost and risk, provide specialist skills or increase resilience, outsourcing remains a vital strategic option for contact centres.


More channels; more providers; more components, more customer needs: there’s now more choice than ever of customer experience (CX) technology. But how do you pick the right partners and solutions for your business? Know whether moving your contact centre to the cloud, hybrid cloud, or just adding new features is the right decision? How do you maximise the return on your technology investment? How do you decide on whether you need to transform your end-to-end CX?


Whether to add new channels, refresh technology, evolve their sourcing strategy or streamline and automate operations, our goal is to support organisations at every step of their change programme, so they arrive at the end of the initiative with clearly proven results and sustainable outcomes.

Data and Reporting

Managing your organisation’s data is hard enough but pairing it with an effective reporting programme can be an even bigger challenge. How do you ensure that you are squeezing every last drop of insight out of your data – and using that insight to drive change across all areas of your business? Our goal is to helps organisations transform and grow using the invaluable insight that comes from their data.

Insight & Analytics

Whether to drive efficiencies, improve service or increase revenue, the best way to propel change within your business is to use the data you have available. Gain insight from your interactions and put analytics to work across your business.

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