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Developing engineers across their whole career​

The organisation had talent capability gaps & retention issues in both technical and behavioural areas.

The challenge

The organisation had talent capability gaps and retention issues in both technical and behavioural areas. This was impacting its ability to deliver greater outcomes for the business.

Our approach

A set of five development programmes aligned to the engineering career framework to support the growth of capability and progression in career.​

Included our award-winning Enterprise Engineer Programme, for mid-level engineers, who we have found are typically the ‘sweet spot’ as they are senior enough to have a real impact in their teams, but junior enough to be ‘culture carriers’ across the organisation. And so having a ‘multiplying’ effect through sharing what they’ve learnt with others.​

The complete set of five programmes is shown here, from ‘Engineering Foundations’ to the pinnacle of an engineering career ​path ‘Distinguished Engineer’.​

Each programme was designed for the specific career stage, increasing capability and greater impact expected.  A true blended learning experience was created including Organisational ‘give back’.

The mix of technical, mindset, and behavioural capability uplift and content changed across the programmes, with less ‘teach’ at the more senior levels and more practical application and demonstration of value.

Our impact

  • A noticeable change in the culture of the technology organisation, resulting in a higher performance function delivering better business outcomes​
  • Significantly increased collaboration across teams and the breaking down of previously rigid organisational silos​
  • The creation of an engaged community of talented engineers driving innovation, quality, and learning across the organisation​
  • Increased talent attraction & retention​

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