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Davies analytics experts assess Awaken

In this second part of our conversational analytics vendor assessment, we are going to be taking a look at Awaken

In this second part of our conversational analytics vendor assessment, we are going to be taking a look at Awaken. Awaken emerges as a strong contender, with a robust feature suite supporting its functionalities. At its core, the platform excels in various aspects, offering users a comprehensive toolkit for data analysis and insights.

Here, we delve into the multifaceted world of Awaken, exploring its core functionality, data analysis capability, and deployment support. As we will showcase, Awaken’s expanding set of features empowers enterprises to get more value from their conversational interactions.

1.   Core Functionality

As with all our vendor assessments, we always start with the core functionality of the tech. Awaken has set its stall out with innovative integration of AI technology to assist analysts in constructing more effective analytical searches. The analyst has a choice, to either code the language packs via the traditional route (built using keyword search terms), or to make use of the AI bot. If the analyst chooses to use the AI bot, they can give a few examples of the type of language they want to include in the search and the bot gets to work building complex search packs.

This feature has the potential to significantly speed up the way analysts work with conversational analytics platforms. By tapping into AI’s potential, Awaken facilitates rapid development of refined searches, culminating in more precise and actionable insights.

If you’re like me and you enjoy coding brilliant language packs, then Awaken gives you a wide range of syntax flexibility, empowering you to execute complex searches such as Boolean searches, prefix searches, and wildcards – which many platforms don’t allow. This capability enables pinpointing subtle but significant nuances that businesses must closely track.

Like comparable solutions, Awaken’s call playback system provides complete transcripts with text highlights and skipping functionality. This facilitates comprehensive analysis while saving time exploring customer interaction intricacies. Users can easily dive deep into pivotal call moments.

Another noteworthy aspect of Awaken is its unlimited search and category capacity, ensuring scalability as your data needs expand over time. Others in the market have the same unlimited capacity, but not all. For all of our clients, being unrestricted in the number of searches and categories they have running at any one time is a mandatory requirement.

Biometric speaker separation is becoming another critical component of top-tier speech analytics tools. It effectively isolates speakers for individual examination, empowering analysts to dissect complex dialogues and extract deeper insights, and Awaken has this built into the platform.,

Another feature that enables users to add depth to your analysis is Awaken’s ability to retro-process your data without any limitations, this provides historical context to your analyses. This historical depth enables a more comprehensive understanding of past data using new insights or in policy or customer behaviour change, empowering you to make data-driven decisions with greater confidence.

2.   Harnessing the Data Advantage

Awaken provides options for an embedded dashboard or integrating your own Power BI or Tableau instance. As a data analyst, I personally prefer the latter, as it allows full control over data manipulation and visualisation. However, we know many clients desire out-of-the-box reporting for quicker insights sharing and dissemination. This is also where agent-level scorecards can be set up.

Adding metadata with calls is more straightforward on Awaken when compared to other platforms. The ability to link metadata to the interaction is also beneficial as it helps you analyse the impact of a search category against the different data points. This can be useful in several use cases such as analysing the DNA of high vs low revenue-generating calls, or the impact of complaints on customer churn. The ability to export the data for 10,000 calls in one go gives you the ability to perform quick analysis and validation on specific category hits.

3.   Deployment, Support & Customisation

Awaken places a strong emphasis on the user-friendliness of the platform, as is evident in its admin tab, which simplifies system management. It allows for the straightforward addition of metadata and efficient management of changes, making it easier for businesses to tailor the platform to their specific needs.

In terms of training and support, Awaken offers in-depth training sessions conducted by technical experts, supplemented by comprehensive online tutorials. In addition to this, for clients wanting extra support or a faster delivery of insights, the Davies CX Consulting team has been fully trained to support Awaken clients to build the content they need.

We found that the support desk’s responsiveness in addressing inquiries and resolving issues is also one of the quickest. This commitment to outstanding customer service makes Awaken a trusted partner throughout the conversational analytics journey.

4.   Real-Time

Awaken’s real-time solution, CoPilot, lives up to its fitting name. Requiring no coding experience, it allows users to name a search and instruct CoPilot on what to monitor during calls, such as the agent providing their name at the call’s start. CoPilot then references the QA scorecard, appearing alongside the agent’s screen to guide them through conversations in real time.

The application features a task-tracking system with visible ticks upon completion. Notably, CoPilot incorporates thoughtful elements like triggers activated by customer language; for instance, it can add vulnerability guidance for agents dealing with sensitive situations. In my experience, CoPilot stands out as one of the most effective real-time solutions, ensuring agents excel in their QA assessments effortlessly.

In Summary

Awaken is a powerful analytics platform that offers a wide array of features to businesses seeking to leverage data for deeper insights and enhanced customer interactions. Its core functionality, data analysis capabilities, and support for customisation make it a versatile tool in the ever-evolving world of conversational analytics, allowing it to support a wide range of use cases across various industries. If you’re in search of a conversational analytics tool, Awaken is certainly one worth exploring!

For additional insights from our team on conversational analytics solutions, please contact me, Lee Mostari, Andy Rothwell, or Philip Michell to explore options suited to your business needs.


Sumeet Maru

Senior Analyst

Customer Experience

My experience includes managing multiple workstreams, delivering complex analysis, and developing reporting solutions for functions across the business.

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