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Adaptive learning for 3,000 learners​

Using our learning expertise, we collaborated with a global retailer to create a dynamic transformation of their mandatory learning content.


training hours saved


ROI forecast

The challenge

Using our learning expertise, we collaborated with a global retailer to create a dynamic transformation of their mandatory learning content catering to:

  • Diverse learning requirements
  • Various geographical locations
  • Multiple languages
  • Accessibility requirements

Our solution

We used data-driven design insights to inform learner behaviour, preferences and trends, and allow the organisation to drive continuous improvement/innovation in their digital initiatives, pinpointing areas of opportunity for upskilling.

We enhanced and modernised the training by designing an adaptive digital learning module tailored to the unique strengths and weaknesses of the learner. We chose this method as adaptive learning creates a more immersive and engaging experience, rather than covering old knowledge, duplicating experiences or being able to copy a colleague to pass.

The most exciting element of our design is the incorporation of an initial quiz measuring the learners’ existing level of understanding and ensuring the content addresses their needs. Depending on responses, learners are guided to specific knowledge sections which automatically customise to their sector, job type and individual requirements. They receive instant feedback, empowering them to take control of their learning journey, fostering deeper understanding and enhancing engagement. The dual-language capability and compliance with web accessibility standards ensures an inclusive learning experience.

This was a game-changing project and the most detailed adaptive learning experience we’ve built. It achieved a high level of personalisation and introduced a new method of learning.

Our impact

  • Data-driven design
  • Multiple language delivery
  • Adapted to learners’ knowledge, sector and job type
  • 391 training hours saved
  • 600% ROI forecast

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