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Through our analytics solutions, we help organisations interpret the wealth of data generated from the telephone conversations, webchats, emails, customer surveys as well as social media interactions they have with their customers. Using that data we use our proprietary analytics methodology alongside our analytics specialists to interpret and answer operational questions, and discover hidden trends & patterns.

We work with our clients to produce actionable insights, unique to each business, that help organisations improve customer satisfaction, operational efficiency and grow.

We help our clients with:

  • Insights Strategy Assessment

    Our experts undertake audits of insight tools, processes and people, to help businesses understand how well-equipped they are to generate transformational insights and compare our findings against our independently accredited Insights methodology.

  • Insight Project

    We answer the questions that you need answered; we work with customer interaction data to provide the insights at speed. This solution works well to demonstrate the value of analytics, to identify training needs, or where there’s a known problem to investigate and resolve.

  • Regular Insights

    The use of analytics to support quarterly reports or annual assessments. Regular insights allows businesses to monitor quality and compliance or to spot trends and patterns in customer concerns and behaviour. We track the effectiveness of changes within your business and track performance improvements.

  • Ongoing Managed Services

    Ongoing insights to drive change and improve performance. We manage the interaction analytics solution and build the appropriate content to meet business needs, mobilising quickly to have an operational solution ready in weeks.

  • Build, Operate, Transfer

    Accelerating the adoption of interaction analytics by utilising our experienced analysts to work alongside in-house teams. We’ll help build the solution and train teams in our best practice methodology, delivering faster time to value and ROI.

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