Achieving maximum functionality from XLPro

  • Fully enhanced all active and impacting contracts in XLPro

  • Maximum possible system functionality

  • Accurate and reliable financials

How we helped

Our objective was to achieve maximum functionality from XLPro to facilitate process accuracy and efficiency within our client’s reinsurance team. Our client had XLPro implemented by the software provider with skeletal contractual information.  The system could not be correctly utilised within the business and the entire post placement process continued to be completed manually. Our client had recruited an entirely new reinsurance team, and whilst they were experienced in the field, they had little knowledge of the software.


We fully enhanced all active and impacting contracts in XLPro. We provided a complete reconciliation of all technical balances enabling maximum possible system functionality and instilling confidence across our client’s business that the system could produce accurate and reliable financials. In addition to the original remit, and as a result of our team’s performance, we were asked to provide technical resources to support business as usual functions within our client’s reinsurance team to eradicate the backlogs and move forward with the new process.

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