Transfer of large volumes of open WIP files  

  • 18,000 open claim files

  • Completed replication of all salient claims material, directly migrated into our core operating systems

  • Pre-launch testing plan ensuring 100% compliance IRO data consistency


How we helped

We took responsibility for approximately 18,000 open claim files by way of WIP transfer.  We reviewed and documented all existing claims processes & produced detailed process maps.  Our Business Change team’s requirements gathering session led to the two IT departments holding an initial infrastructure session where our business analysts completed a schematic of the incumbents handling systems, which after review proved to be capable of a complete sequel based database transfer. As a result both businesses constructed a sequel database, which we subsequently accessed and mapped into our handling system, CQ.


The migration included a complete replication of all salient claims material, which was directly migrated into cloned files within our core operating systems. The migration also delivered a perfect replication of all indemnity payments, reserves and incurreds within the prior incumbents systems for onwards reporting.

Our thorough pre-launch testing plan, ensured 100% compliance IRO data consistency. This culminating in desktop walkthroughs in advance of training roll out. We identified champions to act as mentors post training roll out, and delivered communications packs, including key points of contact for all key stakeholders.

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