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Dedicated end to end service from recovery to enforcement.

We understand that outstanding debt is detrimental to any business. At Keoghs, our specialist teams have the capability to assist with the recovery of monies owed by providing a seamless service, irrespective of the amount involved or the complexity of the case.

We provide our clients with an agile and robust recovery service for claims against policyholders, uninsured drivers, and insurers. Our approach to recoveries ensures third party behaviours towards our clients are quickly improved and adopt quick-pay protocols in order to reduce overall indemnity spend by maximising the amount recovered.

Our recovery teams possess the deep-seated knowledge necessary to handle the complex legal issues that can arise across the full spectrum of recovery claims. From lower value motor claims to major loss, and complex recoveries. We are well versed in the various alternatives to litigation, including mediation conduction and other alternative dispute resolutions.

Should it be necessary to use enforcement procedures to recover a debt, we have a number of fixed fee options available. We also have the capability to recover debt against non-parties.

Our Property Risks and Coverage team are able to undertake various recovery schemes for household, commercial, and motor indemnity claims.


Kay Sanderson - Partner

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