National Apprenticeship Week 2022: It’s time to reveal the Davies Award winners!

9th February 2022

National Apprenticeship Week takes place from the 7th-13th February 2022 and is designed to raise the profile of apprenticeships with both employers and learners. The theme is ‘Build the Future’ and aims to encourage everyone to consider how apprenticeships help individuals to build the skills required for a rewarding career.

We are delighted to announce our #NAW2022 Award Apprentices of the Year and the End Point Assessment organisation, DSW nominated Apprentice of the Year for their outstanding performance in sector apprenticeships.

DSW nominated Apprentice of the Year
Winner: Angus Cameron

Congratulations to Angus, whose outstanding hard work and dedication was truly deserving of this special recognition.

Coach Michael Brown commented: “Gus has been an exemplary apprentice and really took the programme by the horns. He was able to work through his ACII professional qualification whilst learning the role, without anything being too much trouble. Gus managed his time well to ensure that his ‘off the Job’ time was scheduled, then using this for a combination of product and process development, and professional studies. Doing so enabled him to keep on track with his study whilst excelling in the workplace.

Some of the standout work that Gus completed included being part of the Aon Next Generation group, working hard at delivering on this and progressing to then chair this group the following year. Gus demonstrated a great ability to impart knowledge on colleagues, delivering ‘lunch and learn’ training sessions, which have subsequently supported future apprenticeship achievers in their development and progress.

It is brilliant to see that Gus is receiving the deserved recognition with this award for all the hard work, commitment and ownership that he has shown in the completion of the Level 6 Senior Insurance Professional.”

The assessor at DSW commented: “Gus’ performance review highlighted his strong relationship and communication skills both internally and externally and this was supported by the overall grading of exceeding expectations and the awarding of both a Platinum and Silver Star. During the interview, Gus provided evidence of knowledge, skills and behaviours that clearly exceed the level required for the standard and this was supported by the performance evidence within the portfolio. Congratulations on this well-deserved achievement.”

Angus was delighted to accept his award commenting:

“I am both honoured and delighted to be chosen as DSW’s National Apprentice of the Year. Huge thanks to my coach Michael, DSW and Aon for supporting myself and so many others in their professional development.”



Apprentice of the Year L5 – L6 programme
Winner: Gideon Van Zijl

Gideon’s exceptional achievements in his Level 6 Senior Insurance Professional apprenticeship earned him the L5 – L6 Apprentice of the Year Award.

Coach Paul Titley commented: “Gideon successfully completed his Level 6 Senior Insurance Professional in December 2021.

Throughout his programme Gideon demonstrated a desire to develop a broad and detailed knowledge of the insurance market. Based in his organisation’s compliance team, Gideon took the opportunity to use the apprenticeship to develop a significantly increased understanding of the various departments, roles and responsibilities – and how his role impacts, and is impacted by each.

As a result, Gideon was able to show his personal growth beyond the technical aspects of his role and how he can further impact the development and implementation of change projects within his organisation.”

On receiving his award Gideon said:

“I feel honoured to have received the Apprentice of the Year award and to be recognised for the hard work that has gone into this qualification. It is the cherry on top of an incredibly rewarding apprenticeship journey.”



Apprentice of the Year L3 – L4 programme
Winner: Mudassar Salid

Mudassar’s outstanding performance in his apprenticeship is what earned him the L3 – L4 Apprentice of the Year Award.

Coach Paul Titley commented: “Mudassar was part of the first cohort to undertake the Sales Executive Level 4 programmes with Davies. Despite the challenges of moving to remote delivery, Mudassar demonstrated a consistent desire to learn and understand the variety of sales and relationship management skills – putting these into practice as he grew in his role, securing a promotion in the process. In particular, Mudassar demonstrated his increased understanding and use of techniques to understand and meet customer needs – doing so successfully when securing new business. Putting significant effort into his assessed projects and presentation, Mudassar ensured he achieved his goals and was rewarded with a successful completion in January 2022.”

On receiving his award, Mudassar said:

“I am honoured to receive this award because this apprenticeship has developed my understanding of sales and business practices through different aspects of the organisation to help me progress within my role. The course has helped enhance my confidence and has allowed me to tackle a whole range of challenges with a new set of skills and knowledge. I would absolutely recommend this course and provider to anyone looking to improve their sales skills, and would like to thank Davies and Towergate Insurance Brokers for the continued support and development of my career.”



Apprenticeship Ambassador Award
Winner: Jude Pilcher

For her continued commitment to supporting and encouraging apprenticeship learning, Jude Pilcher’s efforts has gained recognition by us and her peers awarding her the Apprenticeship Ambassador Award.

On winning the award Jude commented:

“So chuffed to win the Apprenticeship Ambassador Award from Davies during #NAW2022, thank you so much! I have fantastic support from my Account Manager Umar Javid, the coaches are amazing and the leadership team are always supportive with learner engagement to aid future development of the Apprenticeship Standards.

I am the Trailblazer lead for the three Insurance Apprenticeships and the chair of the Solent and Dorset Apprentice Ambassador Network. As the lead for apprenticeships at Zurich Insurance, I support over 300 of our employees through an apprenticeship, working with 22 training providers/universities and delivering 36 different apprenticeship standards. I can honestly say I love the job that I do and for the last 8 years at Zurich I have focused on developing new and existing employees to meet their full potential through the world of apprenticeships. I am very passionate about supporting others to develop their careers by being the best they can be.”

We are proud of all our apprentices and colleagues and celebrate their success as we recognise their amazing achievements!

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