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We help organisation prepare for the digital future with an array of bespoke, next-generation technologies designed to free up workforces and unlock commercial potential.

We combine cutting-edge software development capabilities, Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation to solve business problems.

We work with our clients to understand their commercial ambitions and then combine our technical and business acumen to deliver complementary technologies targeted at specific outcomes; whether that’s maximising ROI, enhancing business efficiencies, delivering a competitive edge or increasing profit margins – we are results driven, with our suite of solutions enabling:

  • Intelligent automation

    Augment your human workforce and streamline operational efficiencies with cognitive automation technology. We strategically position RPA & AI to deliver maximum value and competitive edge for our clients.

  • Legacy modernisation & migration

    Enterprise modernisation services - supporting the transition of business-critical applications to contemporary and efficient digital solutions using a proven, automated and phased modernisation strategy.

  • Product development

    UtilityCore™ and InsuranceCore™ - sector-based, intelligent cloud enabled products aimed at delivering organisations a modern, efficient end user experience whilst integrating into existing backend and business applications.

  • Design led development

    Delivering a unique blend of cutting edge Design and UX methodologies and technical acumen in our solutions to deliver elegance, intuition, innovation, and adding value by enhancing the end user experience and customer satisfaction.

  • Strategic technical consultancy

    Digital transformation consultancy focussed on identifying competitive edge, augmenting valuable USP's of the business and increasing business value with intelligent technology and digital innovation.

  • Cloud migration & support

    Benefit from cost-saving, efficiency-enhancing Cloud-based functionality with Hybrid IT. We use methodology that aims to deliver minimal disruption to existing systems and business processes.

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