Using analytics to understand and improve compliance and overall customer experience

How we helped

We were asked to help a UK based insurer to understand if their agents were using the correct quality assessment behaviours and regulated compliance scripts for motor and home insurance renewals. Our client was handling several million customer interactions per year but had limited business intelligence knowledge of their customer experience and the level of risk involved in the customer journey.

We conducted an analysis of a large volume of renewal calls, to gain an understanding of which parts of the QA process were being discussed and if any parts were being missed. We built in additional phrases

The categories developed were refined over a large set of customer interaction data. Once the accuracy achieved the 90 threshold the testing cycle was further extended to more customer interaction data.

The Results

Our analysis indicated a high level of compliance but with some small room for improvement with a small cohort of agents. Overall, compliance with the quality Framework was c 95%. Our analysis detected patterns of miscommunication on some motor and home renewal scripts. The reasons for this included; varying delivery, pitch and pace styles, resulting in inconsistent customer experience.

As a result, telephone agents who were miscommunicating were enrolled onto training courses. Without our analysis of their data, their whole telephone agent team would have undergone training, which would have cost them a significantly higher figure.

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