Workforce Optimization

Elevate your workforce with the best customer feedback tools


Workforce Optimization

Elevate your workforce with the best customer feedback tools


Optimize team performance and customer service in one

Harness the power of Voice of the Customer to effectively manage your workforce, ensuring your staff are happy, engaged and empowered to reach their full potential. 

Our Voice of the Customer software provides you with a complete range of tools to manage and support your service teams. 

70% or more managers and staff rate the customer experience they provide higher than their clients do.

Insights and reporting

Our powerful and fully customizable Dashboards allow you to quickly and easily keep an eye on team performance and the KPIs that mean the most to you. Whilst our Bedrock platform can be used to analyse performance in greater detail via our Team Management reports. 

Together, these systems will help you to holistically monitor team performance, helping you to easily identify your star players, as well as those who may be struggling, enabling you to proactively reach out with assistance where it is needed most. 

 Whilst our intuitive Alerts software ensures that you immediately receive an email whenever a survey response that matches your criteria is received. With triggers set to your requirements – answers to survey questions, certain words or phrases spoken – you will never miss a piece of pertinent feedback. 

Team engagement

Use our ‘My Team’ tools to view a snapshot of each member of your team. Set individual objectives, keep track of outcomes from your 1:1 meetings, and reward them for a job well done with Badges and Rewards. Showing your team that good work doesn’t go unnoticed. 

 Using our Omnichannel Survey feedback, you can encourage and motivate team members, allowing them access to what their customers are saying about them. And utilize this feedback to reward results. Our badge system, available through our Team Management tools, is a great basis for driving results. But it can also help you to provide a personal touch – acknowledging employee’s birthdays and work anniversaries. While also enabling you to take a simple step towards delivering tangible rewards.

What if each badge represented a coffee voucher? Or every ten, an evening out? It’s no secret that appreciated teams are happier and work harder.  

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