Risk Services

Providing tailored solutions around property risk

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Providing tailored solutions around property risk

Davies provides residential and commercial loss control surveys for the property and casualty industry. Our risk and inspection team delivers comprehensive insurance inspection services and field underwriting support to help you make accurate, informed decisions around risk.

We are known as industry leaders in Premium Audits. Our services offer a streamlined audit process and comprehensive resources for accessing detailed audit data. Our Total Quality Management (TQM) approach is the industry standard, making it easy to order and retrieve completed audits online with flexibility and on-time delivery.

Our risk services are grounded in the values of hard work and integrity. We offer a fast turnaround time as well as personalized service through dedicated customer support backed by a team of trained professionals.

Risk Services

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Loss Control Services

We specialize in residential and commercial on-site, self, and drone property inspections. Through a nationwide network of more than 1,250+ field representatives, we deliver fast, high-quality reports tailored to your needs by our highly trained customer support team.

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Premium Audit Services

We utilize leading industry software to address the specific needs of our clients while adhering to important industry standards and best practices. Our service offerings provide clients with a straightforward audit process and extensive resources, allowing them to easily retrieve detailed audit data.

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Key Contacts

Jose Bridges

President Risk services

Mark deWaal

Head of Premium Audit

Stephen White

Head of Loss Control