Customer Surveys

Survey your way to unforgettable customer experience 

Customer Surveys

Survey your way to unforgettable customer experience 

Get your hands on all the constructive customer feedback you need to shape your Customer Experience strategy

Customer feedback can not only help you to understand your customers’ wants, needs, and expectations, but provide you with the insight you need to make vital Process Optimization decisions, evolving as your customers do over time. 

No two customers are alike, and that’s why our surveys work across a multitude of communications channels, ensuring you can engage with the widest customer demographic possible, helping your business benefit from truly comprehensive feedback. 

83% of all consumers have completed at least one survey in the past year.

10% year-on-year growth for companies with the strongest omnichannel customer engagement strategies.

We know a thing or two about surveys

Our system makes it nice and easy to link all feedback back to the customer, process or team member with support for custom identifiers, that can be linked to survey responses and enable quick and effective customer journey tracking. 

 Whether you wish to carry out buyer research, identify unhappy customers for Customer Recovery, or track real-time customer satisfaction, our Customer Surveys can help you. 

And our support doesn’t just stop at the survey setup. From ensuring that surveys are structured to generate maximum response rates, to deriving actionable insights based on your key aims, our team can help you successfully gather the data you need to achieve real results. 

IVR Surveys

If you are looking for a cost-effective method of collecting personable customer feedback following a phone interaction, IVR Surveys are the one for you.

Key Features

  • IVR Surveys are easy to set up, can be served in real-time and allow robust sample sizes to be gathered, even at the individual agent level.
  • Customers can either be transferred onto the survey whilst still on the phone to you, or our systems can call them back.
  • Customers can answer questions using their keypad or with their voice. All verbatims are captured as sound files and automatically transcribed within a couple of minutes by our voice-to-text engine, with a 95% accuracy rate. In fact, you can actually hear the person telling you their thoughts, allowing you to understand the emotion behind the feedback.
  • The speed in which phone feedback is received makes it a fantastic facilitator of Customer Recovery, allowing you to reach out to unhappy customers in no time.

SMS Surveys

Offering simple and straightforward capture of customer feedback at the point of experience, SMS surveys also offer great flexibility, with the customer able to respond at a time that suits them.

Key Features

  • SMS is a great format to use for customers opting to chat instantly over digital platforms such as live chat or social media. SMS surveys can either be sent as a ‘ping pong’ format (where a question is sent and the customer replies via SMS), or alternatively a link to a web survey can be sent via SMS for the customer to click through.
  • If you are concerned customers may not wish to take part or receive any further messages, an opt-out option can be delivered with the first message for customers to use if they wish.

Email Surveys

Receive digital feedback from your customers with our fully customizable email surveys.

Key Features

  • All surveys and covering emails can be completely personalised in line with your company’s branding, so your customers feel reassured they are speaking to you and not an imposter.
  • A wide range of question types are available, including radio buttons, tick boxes, dropdowns, table matrixes and free text to name a few. And we can dynamically alter the questions presented to customers based on the answers they have already given.
  • You can alter the language used for happy and unhappy customers, for example, “we are sorry to hear that, please can you tell us more” versus “we are glad all went well, is there anything we could have done even better?”
  • All responses are sent through on a page basis, allowing us to capture partial feedback even if a customer drops out part way through. And all data is captured using SSL encryption and stored in our secure hosting environment, bringing you total peace of mind that your data is safe.
  • Customers are given the option to opt out within each covering email. And if you wish, we can even smartly detect users who have already been surveyed and prevent those emails from being sent, preventing any duplication and unintentional spamming.

Web Surveys

Web Surveys have all the great features of our Email Surveys, but allow you to share your survey online in any way you choose.

Key Features

  • A huge benefit of this method is how you don’t require the person’s email address in order to survey them.
  • Surveys can be launched directly from your website based on customer behaviour, for example mouse movements or clicks, page load or a delay.
  • Surveys can be offered to everyone or a random selection, giving total flexibility based upon your desired sample sizes.
  • Staff can send the surveys (via a URL link) to customers they have been speaking to via web chat, or you could embed them within your own client correspondence – be that emails, signatures, documents or newsletters.

Mobile App Surveys

Support users of your mobile applications with our App Surveys, currently available to use on the Android platform.

Key Features

  • Our Open Source SDK offers you total peace of mind in what you are embedding within your app.
  • With multi-point and multi-survey app integration, you can gain specific feedback at key moments within your app’s customer journey (for example after an in-app purchase), based on either our suggestions or your own preferred launch criteria.
  • Mobile App surveys are a great way of preventing poor reviews on the Google Play Store, as you can actively engage with customers and allow them to air any grievances before they take further action.
  • You can also encourage happy customers to leave positive reviews and understand the things they like best.
  • They are also a great way of diagnosing bugs and crashes, because you can ask the customer exactly what they were doing at the point of failure.
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