Brand & Marketing Management

VoC for Market Research  

Brand & Marketing Management

VoC for Market Research  

A research method designed to understand your customers

Get to know your audience like never before to enhance customer satisfaction and build loyalty. 



92% of customer would completely abandon a company after two or three negative interactions.

73% of consumers say a good experience is key in influencing their brand loyalties.

Understand your customers inside out

At its heart VoC is a market research method designed to help you fully understand your audience. Not just who they are and what they want, but everything that makes them tick and drives them to your door.  

Using our VoC software for market research, you can understand why customers buy from you, what makes them loyal, how they found you, why they chose you over the competition, and what drove them to you in the first place.    

With our personalised survey tool, you can collect valuable customer data via multiple channels including IVR, SMS, email, web, webchat and mobile apps.

Boost customer conversions and loyalty

VoC for market research is much more than just surveying.  

An effective VoC software can help you gain and retain customers; streamline customer research processes; and help you create a competitive advantage.  

Enabling you to gain vital customer data and insights across the entire customer lifecycle, our platform is a powerful tool for the optimisation of your client acquisition and retention strategies.  

Manage brand image through continuous customer listening

Social media can provide a mine of information for your business. It can deliver insights unavailable elsewhere. Access to potential brand ambassadors and the opportunity to fix problems before they become catastrophic.  

But it’s only valuable if you know how to use it.  

Our Social Media Tracker can help you to stay on top of customer sentiment. 

Improve interactions with your customers and help deepen relationships with your brand, through continuous customer listening.    

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