Customer Recovery

Proactively manage customer complaints for long-term loyalty gains



Customer Recovery

Proactively manage customer complaints for long-term loyalty gains



Reduce customer loss through a carefully managed complaints monitoring and handling system

Tracking customer complaints and acknowledging when mistakes are made is the easiest way to reduce customer churn. With our CX Alerts, that process is dramatically simplified.


5x the cost to acquire a new customer than retaining an existing customer.

82% of consumers have taken their business elsewhere due to poor service.

Re-engage unhappy customers

Your customers are your greatest asset.  It is only through them that your business can grow.

But we all know that unfortunate things can sometimes happen. Customer service errors are almost inevitable. That’s why you need to have a plan in place to win back customers following a negative experience.

Responding to negative feedback with a customer recovery initiative can help you reduce complaints, create advocates, and recover business.

Flag negative customer feedback fast

Identify and resolve negative customer experiences quickly.

With our VoC platform, alerts can be triggered based on scores or keywords, enabling you to follow up with unhappy customers rapidly.

So, unhappy customers don’t stay that way for long.

Key Features

  • Custom logic

Receive alerts based on specific answers to survey questions, or when customers mention specific keywords or phrases.

  • Team managers

Team managers can receive instant notifications following a poorly rated customer interaction with a member of their team.

  • Recovery teams

Receiving alerts moments after a negative interaction, recovery teams have the power to reengage with the customer quickly.

  • Workflow optimisation

Our platform provides the ability to record any actions that followed an alert, providing visibility to everyone who has access to that data.

Connect with customers at the right time, on the right channel

Target and re-engage customers on the platforms that suit them best.

Our Customer Surveys are available on every channel so you can personalize interactions and drive positive experiences.

Within our platform, our survey tool allows you to collect customer feedback via multiple channels

Key Features Include

  • IVR surveys

Offering real-time feedback and creating fantastic opportunities for instant recovery of unhappy customers.

  • SMS surveys

A non-intrusive way to collect feedback for identifying discontent quickly at pivotal moments of the customer journey.

  • Online surveys

For quick transactional insights to squash dissatisfaction at the earliest opportunity, and win back customers.

Manage digital customer recovery simply

Social media has become the new soapbox for disgruntled customers. Damning grievances are aired almost casually. A swift response is essential to damage limitation.

Our Social Media Tracker can help you keep an eye on any Twitter activity that is pertinent to you.

With social media listening, we can evaluate your brand mentions via emotional sentiment. Helping you and your team to identify negative experiences quickly, for swift resolution. And enhanced public brand image.

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