Davies values diversity of thought and the benefits that a diverse workforce brings to the business. We are committed to creating and maintaining an environment that embraces diversity and inclusion and where everyone is treated equitably.

To support the growth and retention of a diverse workforce, Davies encourages the formation of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). Our ERGs are run by their members with support from the business and their aim is to foster a culture of inclusion by supporting our population through awareness (via the provision of education and communication), celebration (through engagement and events) and change (to support the needs of our diverse workforce).

DEI Governance sits in the People pillar of our ESG Strategy and is led by our Group ESG Director Gillie Fairbrother. Our ERGs run in synergy with our group approach to ESG and DEI and help to drive the targets of our ESG Strategy and DEI Strategy. ESG performance at Davies is measured by progress towards targets and KPIs, which includes our dashboard of non-financial metrics that is reported annually in our ESG report.

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Our ERG's

Eco Davies

This group creates a platform for our employees to engage and promote sustainable practices. It is our promise to the planet, that we will foster a workplace culture grounded in environmental responsibility, resilience, and sustainability.


This group acts as a network for members of the LGBTQ+ community & allies, celebrating the community through education, communication and events.

My Culture & Heritage

This group is here to provide a platform and channel for Davies to celebrate the wide variety of backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs of all our people, through education and communication.

Supporting Our Health & Wellbeing

This group looks to provide a safe and supportive environment for anyone seeking support and guidance with issues, whether mental, physical, or invisible that they be experiencing or helping someone through.

Women's Network

This groups aims to support women at Davies to build their networks, share advice and develop leadership skills.

Working Families & Caregivers

The group looks to provide a safe and supportive environment for anyone seeking support and guidance with caring for dependents, children, elderly relatives, neighbour’s, friends etc. or supporting others who care for others.

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Our Team

Emma Wedderburn
Chief Human Resource Officer

We are committed to continuously working on our culture to ensure we maintain an inclusive environment where people of all backgrounds and experiences can be themselves at work.

Gillie Fairbrother
Director ESG

To me, our responsibility to foster a positive culture means asking questions, truly hearing feedback, embracing challenging discussions with empathy, and facilitating constructive change where it’s needed.