Staff Engagement

Give your team the tools they need to wow your customers  

Staff Engagement

Give your team the tools they need to wow your customers  

As the people who often have the most direct contact with your customers, it is crucial that your staff feel empowered and equipped to provide a great experience at every touchpoint. 



46% of consumers will abandon a brand if employees are not knowledgeable.

71% of customers expect customer service agents already to have information regarding their previous interactions.

Give your staff a sense of purpose

Team managers require the tools to effectively help, guide, motivate and encourage those who report into them and our Staff Engagement features offer a blended approach of improvement and reward. 

 We strongly believe effective team management is as much about trust and autonomy as it is about central control. Our Staff Engagement tools facilitate a sense of individual empowerment, whilst encouraging a constructive and collaborative relationship between team member and manager when it comes to performance improvements. 

 In practice, this means providing team members with personal access to data relating to their own performance, setting them clear and tangible objectives allowing them to grow, and making sure to acknowledge and reward a job well done. 

Team Management

With the dedicated ‘My Team’ page within our Bedrock platform, you can effectively manage your team, ensure they feel supported and help them to reach their full potential.

Key Features

  • A fully customisable interface, that can help you monitor individual and group KPIs at a glance, keeping all scores that matter most to you within arm’s reach, simplifying your reporting and team management tasks.
  • For more detailed analysis, the platform offers additional reports for plotting team members against any KPI you require – invaluable in highlighting stars within your team as well as those who may need some additional support.
  • We can smartly identify and update your team members using our hierarchy functionality. All we need are data files containing team member names and their managers, and we do the rest! This means your staff always have an up-to-date view of data relevant to them.

Performance Reviews and 1:1s

If you have regular one-to-ones, reviews or catch ups with your team members, you can use our ‘My Team’ functionality to manage all of this digitally, taking the admin away to give you some time back.

Key Features

  • Within the Bedrock platform, team members have access to a ‘My Coach’ page that they can use to keep track of how they are doing, and also create 1:1 review documents using a handy wizard.
  • The wizard allows team members to flag any particular survey responses they would like to discuss, as well as outline anything else they would like to talk about in a free text area.
  • Managers can set individual objectives for employees that are pulled through into the 1:1 wizard. Team members can then indicate if they feel they have fulfilled each one and leave any comments.


Show your team some love with Badges that recognize their good work.

Key Features

  • With our Rewards, Badges can be turned into valuable tokens that can be used to really show your appreciation of a good day’s work.
  • Current rewards include coffee vouchers from Caffe Nero, cinema tickets from Odeon or Vue, as well as food and restaurant vouchers to name but a few.
  • Badges that contain rewards can be unlocked by your employees in the same ways as regular Badges – based on feedback via Customer Surveys, team engagement or manually on an ad hoc basis by their team manager.
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