Say hello to Bedrock.

Our all-in-one data capture and reporting platform  

Say hello to Bedrock.

Our all-in-one data capture and reporting platform  

Discover all the tools you need to view and analyze your Customer Experience data via our dedicated platform, housing all of your Omnichannel Surveys responses and Social Media activity.

65% of people are visual learners

90% of information that comes to the brain is visual

CX insights at your fingertips

With access to fully customizable CX Dashboards, customer feedback has never been so easy to keep track of.

With a comprehensive and intuitive suite of KPI Insights and Verbatim Insights reports, you can drill down into the finest detail, using the Bedrock platform to make sense of what your customers are saying, prioritize areas of frustration, and drive Process Optimization.

Show customers that you genuinely care

The Bedrock platform can help you to create unbeatable customer relationships.

With real-time Alerts, the Bedrock platform can immediately let you know if a customer is unhappy – enabling you to proactively reach out to them and put things right. Because when Customer Recovery is at the heart of your operations, repeat business and customer loyalty become a given, as customers understand that they are genuinely valued. 

Boost employee happiness and team morale

The Bedrock platform also offers a whole host of Team Management functions, providing the information you need to ensure your staff are happy, motivated and reaching their full potential. 

 Use our Insights capabilities to track team performance and identify any training requirements. Create 1:1 documents and set objectives using our coaching features. And ensure good work is acknowledged and celebrated with our Badges and Rewards. 

 Delivering memorable customer service is not just about what you do for your customers, but what you do for your team. Bedrock can support you in the creation of the best employee experience, removing the challenges of team management. 

The right access for the right people

Ensure everyone gets the vital CX data they need, quickly.

With Bedrock, you can provide tailored access to CX insights, based on the roles within your organisation. Providing both custom views and box-ready profiles – from customer service team members to business managers – we can help you deliver the right level of access to users across the board. 

Endless possibilities

Bedrock really is quite clever.

It has the power to host any data you require, with a whole host of native integrations and custom options available for whatever challenge it is you’re trying to solve. 


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