Agent Performance

Agent Performance

Agent Performance

How Voice of the Customer (VoC) can transform performance in the contact centre

The landscape of customer feedback has changed dramatically over the last five years. New technologies have revolutionised the way we gather customer comment, making the process more immediate and the insight more intelligent. Companies increasingly place customer feedback at the heart of their operational improvement programmes, using it to streamline process, reduce complaints and re-engage with customers.

Technological advances in customer feedback have also coincided with a desire for significant cultural change in many organisations (sometimes prompted by regulators, sometimes by a genuine desire for a different approach). This has resulted in a shift away from traditional operational efficiency metrics (FCR, AHT) and sales-based incentives towards performance management programmes based on service. And this is where the most significant application of new customer feedback mechanisms has come into play – using the voice of the customer as the key metric to manage and reward agent performance in the contact centre.

In this paper we explore this phenomenon and offer some personal thoughts on what we think constitutes best practice.

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