The impact of highly probative and robust Basic Hire Rate evidence

24th October 2022

Although the number of vehicles on UK roads has picked up significantly since the peak of the pandemic in 2020, many hire companies have reduced their fleets or closed down some branches whilst waiting for volumes to pick back up. Hire cars have therefore become challenging to source for everyone in the market, and providing robust reports & evidence in the resolution of credit hire claims has become increasingly tricky too.


Highly probative and robust Basic Hire Rates (BHRs) are essential in the resolution of credit hire claims. An innovative validation tool and managed archive of BHRs and supplementary case specific expert witness statements are crucial whether you are seeking to settle claims pre-litigation, before they reach the courtroom, or you need professional evidence to support you once you get there.


Our VeriRate platform is doing just that. In recent years, we have represented multiple defendant solicitors, motor insurers, MGAs, and other intermediaries, providing impartial and independent, court compliant evidence to combat credit hire claims. In one such instance, at Middlesbrough County Court, we saved our client 70% of the original credit hire charges through our VeriRate technology and the judge endorsed our internet-based methodology stating it was `a reasonable way of finding relevant evidence`. In another case, at Preston County Court, our team saved a client 72% of the initial charges by providing evidence of the exact type of vehicle that was hired and carried a £500 excess.


Why our clients choose VeriRate

  • “The other side had tried to discredit our rates evidence, but the judge accepted our evidence and Judgment was awarded at the top Basic Hire Rate.” – Fee Earner at Leading Southampton Law Firm


  • “VeriRate carefully select and train their staff and oversee every aspect of the job, to make sure nothing is missed. The reports are always on time if not early. They are clear and concise and provide all of the information required by the Courts to make a decision on Basic Hire Rates.” – Senior Credit Hire Lawyer at Leading Liverpool Law Firm


  • “Counsel commented on how knowledgeable you were and how straightforward and honest you were giving evidence.” – Fee Earner at Leading London Law Firm


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