Digitalisation & automation developments in Niche Claims

27th November 2020

2020 has been a very unusual year, where we‘ve had to respond quickly to unexpected challenges, which has made planning difficult. But despite the challenges, we have achieved some major successes with many of our clients operating in the travel, pet and gadget sectors.

The digital and automation space is at the forefront of ours and many of our clients’ minds, and we have many ongoing conversations and projects designed to enhance customer experiences through the utilisation of APIs, robotics and increased levels of integration.

We are working closely with colleagues across our technology division who are automation experts and help us deliver market leading digital capability to our clients. In the last three months our in-house development teams have successfully automated processes that are enabling us to progress claims more efficiently and improve customer experience.

Automated customer contact

This web based capability was launched in October, it sits outside our claims platform and is a key component of our longer term digital claims strategy. Triggered by specific status changes on a claim, this functionality allows us to automate contact with customers using bespoke client branded email and SMS. This enables us to update and chase customers instantly to progress claims more efficiently and improve their customer experience.

Online excess

This web based functionality was launched earlier in November and is another key component of our digital claims strategy. This capability issues an automated link to customers who have a claim on hold awaiting excess payments.


Another critical component of our digital strategy is a web-based ENOL platform. Linked with client policy feeds, notifications of loss are automatically logged on our claims platform. Initially, this has been introduced to Pet claims, setting a new standard for claims handling, and we’re looking to roll it out to other products in 2021.

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