Davies assists with InsureTech C-Quence launch

12th February 2019

C-Quence, a Commercial Lines Insurtech MGA enabled by flexible cloud-based technology and real-time enterprise analytics, created to help entrepreneurs launch tech enables and highly efficient solutions in the market have recently gone live with its first product via its bespoke underwriting platform C-Q Elements. With assistance from us, the start-up was founded in 2017 by Chief Executive Jaqueline McNamee, who was previously managing director Chief Executive Officer of AIG UK. The MGA has underwriting capacity from Arch and financial backing from Primary Group.

C-Quence noted that it built and designed the C-Q Elements underwriting technology platform aiming to make it easy for brokers to deliver sophisticated commercial insurance solutions and products lot quicker quickly, at a lower cost and with enhanced levels of service compared to traditional approaches.

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