Davies accredited for insight & analytics capability

30th June 2022

We are delighted to have been recognised through The Forum’s Data, Analytics & Insight Standards Programme for our industry leading abilities in this space.

The Forum is an established community of professionals that have strived to raise standards in customer operations since 2000 and are recognised as the ‘go-to-place’ for innovation in customer operations. This makes this accreditation even more prestigious as it has been awarded by CX professionals at the top of their field.

From presentations to articles and case studies, we were thoroughly assessed by The Forum team to be awarded the accreditation based on a set criteria of data, analysis, engagement and influence, impact and team.

One case study assessed was about our work with Which? that resulted in a 15-point improvement in NPS and achieving ‘Best in class’ performer team. Sharing feedback on the case study during the engagement and influence segment of the assessment, The Forum team commented that Davies “understands the needs of the client as well as the challenges that they need to overcome” and added “through this they have a clear set of priorities allowing them to offer the right solution to the client and communicate this in a way that links this to the client’s needs.”

During the assessment, we also received feedback that “the team demonstrate a robust analytical approach throughout their projects’’ and “have a clear focus on delivering return on investment and being clear on this from the outset.” This brings to light our focus on providing the best service for our clients to achieve desired outcomes.

Welcoming the feedback shared and being awarded with the accreditation, Lee Mostari, Director of Insight & Analytics at Davies commented: “It is great to continue to receive external validation that what we do adds value to our clients. The accreditation from The Forum, further validates that our working practices, our insight and analytics methodology and especially, the impact and return on investment we generate with our clients, stands us out from the crowd.”

To find out more about how insight and analytics from Davies can help your organisation to achieve CX success, get in touch with Lee Mostari directly at lee.mostari@davies-group.com

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