Driving net promoter scores with auto quality assurance – Using analytics to improve the overall customer experience

  • 15-point improvement in NPS

  • ‘Best in class’ performer team

The situation

A UK based membership organisation approached us to help specify, design and deploy its speech analytics programme. The organisation specifically required support with redesigning their quality assurance (QA) framework in order to increase the volume of their processed calls and reduce effort from manual assessment, ensuring that the client team became self-sufficient in using and developing the speech analytics system.

They also were looking to make a marked improvement in using outputs from the speech analytics system to drive operational and customer experience advancements.

Our approach

To help the client improve its transactional net promoter score (NPS), we worked with the them to identify the key aspects of the calls that they needed to process through the speech analytics platform and created associated key specification documents.

Our analyst experts also worked with the client to build and test over 50 assessment points and process calls against these.

Return on investment

The initial steps we took were part of a larger programme to procure, install and achieve ROI from the speech analytics platform, which we delivered in 20 weeks – compared to over 18 months if the client had attempted this alone.

The automated QA use case was one of seven that we launched and was funded by the termination of an outsourced manual QA Team. Within three months of launching, NPS increased by 15 points, moving the client from a “Strong performer” to the “Best in class” cohort.


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