Automating low value property claims: Is your team prepared for the next storm?

16th February 2022

The frequency & strength of extreme weather across the UK in recent months has brought many challenges for families and communities in impacted areas. Insurers and suppliers have stood up to tackle the influx of claims volumes and time-sensitive repairs caused by the high wind speeds, rain and snow, that caused power cuts, general damage, and travel disruption across some parts of the country.

Storm Arwen hit the UK at 98 miles per hour in November last year. As the winds hit and passed, claims volumes surged, and at Davies we received 8,500 claims following Arwen’s damage & disruption. Storm Barra hit the UK only a couple of weeks later and left at least 59,000 people without electricity, areas flooded, and we received an additional 1,800 claims into our contact centres.

Then only a couple of weeks ago, whilst people were still recovering from Arwen and Barra, the storms returned and were named Malik and Corrie. New claims from Malik and Corrie are reported every day with over 2,700 reported to Davies so far.

The level of damage, number of people impacted and claims volumes in recent months highlight that no storm can be underestimated and shows the essential role of a mobilised network of surveyors or field specialists. It is an insurer’s priority to help all customers impacted as quickly as possible when the worst happens, assessing damage and arranging repairs as soon as possible.

The right technology and automation capability is key for any insurer who wants to provide the best service and support for customers in the months ahead. Clients using our surveyor appointment booking software have been able to provide their customers with an appointment date at FNOL during the storms, a feature which has received fantastic customer feedback and additional clarity for customers in an extremely distressing situations.

One customer commented: “Very well professionally handled, dealt with the claim promptly which is what we wanted, and provided reassurance along the journey. Davies inspected the property thoroughly, explaining the claim process and processed the claim in super quick time. Highly recommend.”

Limiting delays and providing immediate resolutions, Davies automation software enables our teams to provide additional support to customers who need it – and has delivered significant operational savings for our clients. Through correct application of policy wordings and accurate scheduling of insured repairs we’ve saved our clients £5.8 million in claims spend following the three recent storms and through our surveyor app, funds have been released to customers whilst the surveyor or field operative is still on site.

We experienced a 700% increase in claims volumes following storm Arwen and have processed 65% of those claims via Davies automated software.

Our automated approach has enabled our highly trained teams to use their human intelligence and empathy when handling claims, spending their time supporting vulnerable customers who need it – instead of on administrative tasks such as raising payments. Insurers who do not invest in an automated approach to low-value property claims will be left behind. For the industry to effectively tackle future storms head-on, the right systems and technology will be key.

To find out more on Building Validation Solutions – A Davies Company’s automated approach to low value property claims, please get in touch with Director of Client Operations, Paul Greenwood.

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