All you need to know about reserving Apprenticeship Levy funding

30th July 2020

What does it mean?

An employer can reserve funds for an apprenticeship, which will then enable them to plan and ensure they gain the funds at the required time to support the apprenticeship. Once the employer has guaranteed the apprentice funding and the training provider is aware of this, they can turn the ‘reservation’ into a ‘commitment’. This will then release the funding to the chosen training provider in the usual way using the Apprenticeship Service. Apprenticeships can be used for new and existing members of staff.  

How do I reserve funding?

Once you have created an account on the apprenticeship service (or logged in) and have agreed to the employer agreement, you are then able to start reserving funds. See links below.

All you need to know before reserving funding is:

  • The month the apprenticeship training will start
  • The apprenticeship standard that you want to do

PLEASE NOTE: The apprenticeship will still cost the same amount

  • Employers are still required to pay their 5% contribution for all apprenticeship standards
  • When and how this is paid will be down to you as the employer and us as your training provider
  • You can also give us permission as your training provider to reserve funds on your behalf
  • Funds can be reserved up to three months before the apprenticeship is planned to start
  • Reservations will expire within 3 months of the start date detailed within the reservation, if this happens you will need to make another reservation
  • You can have up to 10 apprenticeships funded at any one time.

Links & further information 

Sign up or access your account here.

To find out more information about employers who do not pay the apprenticeship levy please click here.

To find out more contact Carolyn Blunt on or call our learning team on 0208 304 3666.

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