Davies Vulnerable Customers Summit 'Improving support and services for vulnerable customers’

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“If you get it right for your vulnerable customers, you get it right for everyone”

We had a great turnout at this year’s Vulnerable Customers Summit where we gathered established UK experts on vulnerability and discussed the topic of ‘Improving support and services for vulnerable customers’

If you manage to attend, we sincerely hope you have enjoyed taking part in this year’s summit and have benefitted from the experience.

The session was greatly enriched by the contribution of our 6 fantastic guest speakers who shared their invaluable insight into the world of vulnerability and reminded us how vital it is to take care of our vulnerable customers and design our CX with accessibility in mind.

We would be grateful if you took the time to fill out our feedback form, so we can work on improving next year’s Vulnerability Summit.


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Our latest success story

One of the nation’s water suppliers found that gaps in certain processes meant that some vulnerable customers had increased difficulties in accessing or affording their water service. Using real-time speech analytics, we stepped in to identify the scope of the issue, and ensure all vulnerable customers had the best access to their water services.

Key Achievements:

  • Speech Analytics technology used to quickly identify, size and support improvement on a business process to support vulnerable customers
  • Analysis and improvements led to reductions in average handle time, chase contacts, and written and non-written complaint
  • Analysis time to investigate priority cases for potentially vulnerable customers decreased from 14+ days down to 1 day

Find out how we used speech analytics technology to support our client’s vulnerable customer base in our latest case study

Supporting vulnerable customers

47% of UK adults showed 1 or more characteristics of vulnerability in 2022 – FCA

Our insurance experts are here to ensure you are providing the best possible outcomes for vulnerable customers. Whether identifying vulnerable customers using CX technology, or training teams on soft skills such as empathy, we help insurers improve overall customer experience and lower complaint volumes.

Read our latest white paper on supporting vulnerable customers and building employee resilience in the insurance sector.

Join us for our upcoming CX webinar

Join us for an insightful webinar featuring CX Expert and Consulting Director at Davies, Phil Michell, where we he will delve into the challenges posed by post-COVID, the ongoing cost-of-living crisis, an aging population, digital exclusion, and physical and mental constraints that collectively impact customer vulnerability.

You leave the webinar gaining a better understanding of the critical issues surrounding customer vulnerability and exploring practical solutions to better support your diverse customer base through optimising your CX strategy.

Register for Phil’s upcoming CX webinar here

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