Using Analytics to Understand and Improve Compliance and Overall Customer Experience

  • Quick insights that could be applied at pace

  • Targeted agent coaching

Davies was asked to help a UK-based insurer to understand if their agents were using the correct Quality Assessment behaviours and regulated compliance scripts for motor and home insurance renewals. Our client was handling several million customer interactions per year but had limited business intelligence of the customer experience and the level of risk in this important customer journey.

Our Approach

The first step we took to help our client understand if their agents were using the correct Quality Assessment behaviours, was to analyse a large volume of renewal calls, by product, to understand which parts of the QA process were being discussed and more importantly if any parts were being missed. Extra care was taken to build in additional phrases, ensuring the analysis was statistically robust, as the agent guidelines were a combination of both behavioural and regulatory language.

The categories developed were refined over a large set of customer interaction data. Once the accuracy achieved the 90%+ threshold the testing cycle was further extended to more customer interaction data.

Return on Investment

Our analysis indicated a high level of compliance but with some small room for improvement with a small cohort of agents. Overall, compliance with the quality Framework was approximately 95%. The analysis did pick up some patterns of miscommunication with both motor and home insurance renewal scripts on a small number of customer interactions. The reasons for this included varying delivery, pitch and pace styles, resulting in inconsistent customer experience.

This provided our client with a previously unknown business opportunity and insight that could be acted upon at pace. The resulting action led to agent coaching being devised and targeted at the agents who missed key information most often, closing the loop with agents quickly. Without analytics, the whole agent population would have undergone training at significant cost and effort. The client used analytics to verify coaching effectiveness and now uses this insight to identify any miscommunication for ongoing agent coaching.

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