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We're pleased to announce that Wakely Actuarial
has been acquired by Davies

Actuarial Solutions

Acquiring Wakely has brought new actuarial domain expertise to our service offering, allowing us to offer a broader range of solutions to clients.

Our Actuarial Solutions team provides actuarial, regulatory compliance, and risk management consulting services to clients in the Senior, Supplemental Health, and Life Insurance markets. We work with insurance companies and other entities to help them make informed decisions and develop strategies that fit their business needs.

Meet the Management Team

Our Services

Our experience gives us a unique perspective to provide clear, concise solutions that not only capture key financial measurements but can also be easily interpreted by senior management. No matter what the project or goal, we work with our clients to provide custom solutions that are easy to understand, helping them make the key decisions that drive their business.

We specialise in the development of a wide variety of products in the Senior, Supplemental Health, and Life Insurance markets. Our expertise ranges from product design, pricing and filing, to experience reporting, financial reporting, and reserve certification.

Valuation & Financial Reporting

In an ever-changing financial environment, it has never been more important to ensure that your reporting is accurate and complete. We offer an independent and complete actuarial opinion for Boards of Directors and Departments of Insurance.

How do we specifically help our clients with their needs?

– Clear, concise work papers that are easy to audit and provide all the information you need to complete your financial statements

– Accurate and timely reporting of reserve numbers on your desired reporting schedule (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually)

– We can also prepare, or assist in preparing: annual statement exhibits, specialised Medicare Supplement, or Long-Term Care Experience Exhibits

– Tax reserve reporting for life insurance company federal income tax returns

– Gross premium valuations or cash flow testing to support actuarial opinions

– Preparation of Actuarial Opinion and Memorandum Regulation (AOMR) compliant actuarial opinions to file with regulatory authorities

Actuarial Modeling

We have specialists in a wide range of life and health product lines that require actuarial modeling. This modeling might range from projections of new business for initial rate development to complicated testing of an entire company’s reserves using cash flow testing of assets and liabilities. We also have developed custom reporting tools that not only help present financial projections in a format that captures key financial measures, but also can be easily interpreted by senior management.

How do we specifically help our clients with their needs?

– Pricing projections showing emergence of profits on new business

– Asset adequacy testing (cash flow testing) and Gross Premium Valuations

– DAC Recoverability and Loss Recognition testing for GAAP reporting

– Reinsurance modeling (either from a direct or reinsurer’s perspective)

– Company budgets for management, regulators, and rating agencies

– Stochastic Modeling

– Appraisals and Block Acquisitions

– Commission valuations (projected value of renewal commission streams)

Experience Analysis

Almost every insurance company has complicated systems and voluminous amounts of data on their underlying policyholders. In some cases this information can be located on multiple platforms. We have significant experience with compiling your data into a single source to prepare your experience reporting.

How do we specifically help our clients with their needs?

– Loss Ratio Reporting and Claim Cost Studies

– Mortality Studies

– Lapse Studies

– Claim Termination and Runoff Studies

– Distribution of sales for underwriting or actual to expected pricing analysis

– Tracking of key metrics such as incidence rates, claim size, claim duration, average age, etc.

Rate Increases

Many companies can benefit from outside assistance with their rate increase filings. Whether it’s overflow work that needs to be filed more quickly, or optimising the amount of increase to maintain your fair share of profits, we have performed thousands of rate filings for many different companies and product lines. As an independent consulting firm, our years of experience and interaction with insurance departments allows us to provide valuable insight and results for your blocks of business.

How do we specifically help our clients with their needs?

Rate Increase Filings

– Long-term care rate increases (including rate stabilisation)

– Medicare supplement rate increases

– Supplemental health rate increases (including cancer, heart/stroke and disability income)

Annual Rate Certifications

– Long-Term Care

– Medicare Supplement

– Other Accident & Health

Pricing & Product Development

Our expert pricing and product development team can provide services for many product lines including Individual and Group products for both Life and Accident and Health.

How do we specifically help our clients with their needs?

– Assumption development (morbidity, mortality, lapses)

– Application and underwriting guidelines

– Premium rate development (including rating tools)

– Group experience rating

– Statutory and GAAP profit projections (including tax impact)

– Calculation of profits and measures to meet company’s profit goals

– Actuarial memo

– Work with administrative departments to successfully transition products onto their systems

Commission Valuations

We assist in valuing renewal commission streams for agents, insurance companies, banks, and other investors. This service can be provided for almost any product line in the life and health industry such as Senior Market, Supplemental Health and Life Insurance.

How do we specifically help our clients with their needs?

– Determine value for companies that purchase blocks for investment purposes

– Provide seriatim monthly or annual projections

– Develop independent certifications for investors, banks or creditors

– Assist agents with valuations needed to obtain credit from banks or to sell renewals entirely

– Assemble formal reports and detailed documentation or experience studies for larger block valuation projects

Other Services


We have long-term relationships with major reinsurers, as well as direct writing companies that share insurance risk.

Our team can provide assistance with early-stage product design, pricing, and underwriting protocols to ensure reinsurance will be available on equitable terms, as well as analysis of reinsurance proposals. Our reinsurance services include:

– Reinsurance Modeling

– Finding and Obtaining Reinsurance

– Coinsurance, Modified Coinsurance, or Yearly Renewable Term (YRT) Analysis


We can assist with auditing insurance company processes for:

– State insurance departments

– Insurance companies (internal audits)

– External audit companies

Third Party Administrator (TPA) Support

When new blocks of business are administered, we work with third party administrators to serve as a liaison between them and insurance companies. We can also assist our clients with finding and evaluating TPA solutions.

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Sales and Marketing Support

We also work with a company’s marketing departments, directly with major sales departments, or independent agencies and brokers to serve as a liaison between you and your sales distribution channels when new blocks of business are administered. We can also assist our clients with finding viable distribution channels.

Expert Testimonies

We can assist legal firms, in-house counsel, or regulators with issues related to ongoing litigation requiring an expert actuarial opinion. This can range from preparation of supporting materials to expert witness testimony.

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