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Are you confident your customer service teams can consistently demonstrate and evidence compliance and good customer outcomes 

As industry specialists in sourcing and managing talent, we help insurers to: 

  • Support firms with implementing flexibility and resilience into their operations.  
  • Provide flexible experienced resource to help manage planned and unplanned surges 
  • Support with the recruitment and retention of staff 
  • Help firms meet regulatory requirements, such as requirements under the FCA’s Consumer Duty, Vulnerable Customers expectations etc. 
  • Develop communication and soft skills in customer-facing staff 
  • Help teams to identify and support vulnerable customers 
  • Deliver training effectively with minimal downtime, including comprehensive and tailored compliance learning 
  • Strengthen operational resilience strategy 

Our experts know what it takes to build and maintain a reliable, compliant, and empathetic customer service team that will support better outcomes for customers 

Let us help you build industry-leading customer service teams.

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Keep it compliant

Achieving consistently good customer outcomes while remaining compliant is impossible to achieve without a dedicated, knowledgeable, and trustworthy team behind you. Need help building an outstanding team? Davies can help.

We work to upskill and reskill budding talent who are passionate about the insurance industry and providing outstanding customer service.

Futureproof your customer service teams

Build flexibility into your customer facing teams to strengthen your resilience. 

We remove the risk and stress of recruitment and retention challenges by providing access to a pre-trained and pre-vetted team of insurance experienced individuals that can be embedded into your business, so you can deploy flexibility and immediately react to peaks in volume. 

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Communication is key

Effective communication skills are at the heart of all customer facing teams, but delivering training on this crucial soft skill to home-based teams can be challenging and unproductive.  

As experts in resourcing and Learning and Development for highly regulated sectors, we can not only grant you access to pre-trained agents, but our Consulting and L&D experts can assess what type of training your existing teams will need to enable them to communicate with customers.  

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All systems go

Rolling out a new CRM system? Planning on digitising customer processes? 

While adopting a new system can do wonders for improving customer outcomes, your teams shouldn’t be left in the dark. That’s why we offer support with the usage of new technology or training, to create a smoother digital transformation.  

We can help backfill roles to minimise downtime and keep accessibility to customer support ticking over, and our consulting experts can conduct a post-implementation review to assess your new processes and recommend any further changes.  

Our tech experts can even support with tech implementation to get your new systems up and running.


“Adhering to Consumer Duty requirements is vital as an insurer. Not least because failing to do so can result in significant financial and reputational loss, but because it’s the right thing to do. Your customers trust your business to do right by them, and while we can’t always get everything 100% right, missing the mark with your complaints process means missing out on opportunities to improve your customer service—particularly for silent sufferers whose views would otherwise go unheard.”

Nikki Ceko Strategic Client Director – Insurance

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