Real-time speech analytics

Accelerate your success and gain a competitive edge by unlocking valuable insights as your agents are live on the call

Transform your contact centre operations with real-time speech analytics

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    Real-time speech analytics is a game changer for contact centre operations. Not only does it help businesses keep up with ever-changing regulations and compliance risks, but it also boosts employee productivity, creates upselling opportunities, and enhances customer satisfaction all at once.

    In other words, it helps organisations become more efficient and competitive – unlocking potential that was previously impossible to tap into.


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    How we can help

    Whether you need to improve performance, respond to regulatory changes or need advice on the right CX strategy for your business, our experienced team of experts can deliver what you are looking for.

    When it comes to speech analytics, we know how to make it work for you.

    Working with us, you are guaranteed:

    • Years of experience and invaluable understanding of customer experience and how to improve it
    • Accredited methodology by The Forum
    • Proven expertise and case studies of speech analytics work
    No matter the size of your organisation or the complexity of your challenge, our experienced team is here to help. We’ll help you unlock meaningful insights and make better decisions, all thanks to the power of real-time speech analytics!

    Lee Mostari, Director of Insights & Analytics

    What’s next?

    Get in touch for a chat with one of our consultants. We will take the time to understand your challenges and unique needs. Then, we can pinpoint where exactly real-time speech analytics would make the biggest difference and how it could improve your operations.