We have rebranded SurveyorShip to VeriRate

26th November 2020

As part of the final steps of our integration plans following Davies` acquisition of Surveyorship in 2016, we have rebranded SurveyorShip to VeriRate.

Our VeriRate team specialises in supporting clients in the resolution of credit hire claims. For more than 10 years, our team has been providing contemporaneous daily rates via our innovative validation tool and managed archive of Basic Hire Rates (BHR), as well as providing supplementary, case specific expert witness statements. Along with this rebrand we have improved and updated our basic hire rates technology to take account of daily hire rates data.

We represent several leading defendant solicitors, motor insurers, MGA’s and other intermediaries, providing impartial and independent, court compliant evidence to combat presented hire claims. Our tangible, evidence backed reports are solely focused on reducing spend.

VeriRate validation tool

Accessible online through client specific logins, VeriRate holds BHRs from over 5000 locations in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. With more than 50 million BHRs in our archive updated at a daily rate of 100,000, a user can obtain geospecific, current or historic, BHRs for each and every day of the year and from any location in the United Kingdom. Find out more here.

Specialist witness statements

The market’s largest archive of BHR data, is also supplemented by our specialist witness statements to provide further context on the proposed rate and support quick and economical pre-litigation settlement where appropriate.

Each of our witness statements are provided by our specialist team, all of whom have extensive experience of working in the motor repair and service industry, conducting the management of credit hire matters, and of working at national mainstream car rental companies.

Our specialist team of skilled and experienced staff are also:

  • Vastly experienced in giving evidence at court
  • Prepared to provide site visits to help validate the veracity of companies and parties involved in a claim and attendance at meetings
  • Ready to provide support prior to large claim review meetings and bulk settlement negotiations

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