ServiceTick partners with Huggg to offer ‘Real rewards’

2nd December 2019

Companies of all shapes and sizes frequently have strategic initiatives to reward and recognise top-performing staff members on a formalised and ad-hoc basis. However, genuine employee success often comes from those little moments of triumph that can often go overlooked.

We are delighted to announce the launch of ‘Real rewards’ which focusses on rewarding those moments.

‘Real rewards’ is the evolution of our Badges feature. Badges allow you to recognise and reward your staff, boost engagement and incentivise excellent customer service with digital trophies viewable in the ServiceTick platform. They are automatically earned based on what
customers are saying and their involvement with the platform.

‘Real rewards’ extends this capability by providing tangible benefits alongside those digital badges. We have partnered with micro gifting platform Huggg to provide this service and rewards include drinks from a large coffee chain and Cinema tickets from Odeon/Vue.

Olivia O’Brien, Huggg’s Head of Brand, said: “Personal and professional happiness relies on a complex web of values that varies from person to person, but certain fundamental elements matter to everybody. On some level, everyone needs to feel appreciated. We believe tiny acts can have big impacts and are delighted to work with ServiceTick to help bring authentic tokens of appreciation, in the form of hugggs, to their contact centre clients.”

Paul Middlege, ServiceTick’s Director of Product, commented: “Voice of the Customer programmes are a driving factor of genuine cultural change & employee success in contact centres. Giving those on the front-line access to their customer survey results empowers action by highlighting success as well as improvement areas. Our partnership with Huggg and introduction of ‘Real rewards’ is an exciting step beyond this as it allows automatic recognition of outstanding work as identified via our unique rules engine. Rewards can also be given manually by Team managers for good work beyond those identified in surveys.”

If you would like to learn more about ‘Real rewards’, please don’t hesitate to contact your Account team or if you’re new to ServiceTick contact Kate on / 07968819147.

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