National Customer Service Week: Technology & customer service go hand in hand

8th October 2020

During this week’s National Customer Service Week we’re sharing insights over three days on how our claims teams have worked to ensure we continue to deliver the customer service levels we expect through the changing environment the pandemic has brought. Yesterday we explored why it’s so important to appreciate that every customer is different, which you can read all about here. Today we’re looking at how new technologies have been so crucial for us to continue delivering our standards of customer service.   

Although a human touch is crucial, technology & customer service go hand in hand across Davies and is always a main consideration when we start a new project. In the last 12 months, we have introduced several customer enchanting tools, set up to support customers of various demographics. 

The most impactful technology over the past few months has been our virtual video assessment tool. During the pandemic, this product has allowed us to continue to validate claims without the need to physically visit. It has enabled us to continue to progress claims despite the inability to attend site, ensuring we keep the claim going with speed and technical expertise for our customers. One customer recently commented: “Ian was so friendly and talked me through the video call. Superb communication skills.” 

We have also introduced an automated customer surveying process in the last six months to enhance our feedback mechanisms. It has allowed us to assess both positive and negative feedback in real-time, and swiftly identify challenges and improve processes in a quickly changing environment. 

This vital feedback is collated by our technology solutions division who focuses specifically on developing `voice of the customer technology`. It has allowed us to continuously look for ways to improve on both standard processes and those new processes introduced specifically for the pandemic period. 

Tomorrow we’ll be sharing our final customer service insight of the week which will be all about how we look after customers by taking care of our employees. 

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