Motor Claims invest in Event Data Recorder technology

29th July 2020

We have been at the forefront of utilisation and development of specialist download equipment for motor vehicles involved in road traffic incidents.

The ECU download and Infotainment interrogation capability has been added to by the addition of new equipment to read the Event Data Recorder (EDR).

What is an EDR?

An Event Data Recorder is a device sometimes referred to informally as a “black box” installed in most automobiles to record information about what the vehicle and the driver were doing in the moments surrounding a collision.
For example, EDR data will typically include:

  • Vehicle speed at and prior to impact;
  • Braking before and after impact;
  • Accelerations;
  • Steering angles;
  • Throttle application;
  • Seatbelt usage.

For over ten years EDR has been invaluable to US collision investigators for both collision reconstruction and fraud investigation. In Europe, however, this data has been widely restricted, until recently.

This video [link] shows how EDR data can be useful to the collision investigator.

This video [link] illustrates how it can be used against fraud.

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