Meet Kuarterback! One of our latest innovations in a line of automated claims solutions that is helping us deliver a more consistent and resilient claims service

6th July 2021

There are typically around 500,000 personal injury claims initiated in the UK every year, and approximately 80% of these claims are fairly routine. Traditionally, claims handlers have been using valuation tools to assist on quantum. We took it to the next level by combining automated data analysis and evaluation, with claimant firm profiling to make the best decisions on every claim and lower indemnity spend for our clients.

In the past, many others have tried to automate the reading of medical reports utilising OCR technology and failed. Kuarterback utilises artificial intelligence and cognitive technologies to replicate in computing how a handler would read a medical report. This has meant it has been able to achieve ‘better than human’ accuracy levels across over 80% of low value injury claims gaining widespread confidence from handlers themselves.

The system streamlines claims, reduces processing costs, harvests negotiation behaviour data and automates 70 – 80% of low-value injury claims. This helps us deliver operational and indemnity benefits, inevitably improving our workflows and creating more resilient and consistent claims service for our clients and their policyholders.

Fast facts about Kuarterback

• Reduces indemnity spend through automated KYO and benchmarking
• Eliminates inputting errors that lead to inaccurate claim valuations/settlements
• Achieves enhanced data insights without manual data capture
• Reduces rate of claims progressing to Stage 3 as compared to wider market
• Price per claim cost model outstrips all other alternatives and delivers an instant return on investment
• Enhancements has enabled Kuarterback to integrate with the OIC Portal
• Also supports Non Ministry of Justice (MoJ) cases

Kuarterback enables us to provide consistent accuracy in evaluating damages for our clients and has helped to make our claims handling service more resilient. The client feedback of Kuarterback has been very positive as it enables handlers to utilise their expertise and experience on more complex claims.

“We have been very pleased with the results in relation to the way we deal with claims and our customers. Our handlers have more time to spend on areas where they add maximum value to our claims proposition and the customer journey which is in turn making us more efficient. We have also found that Kuarterback allows us greater agility. We are more easily able to review how we can refine our processes, get better at what we do and deliver indemnity savings. We believe the Kuarterback solution is innovative, the best that is out there and we are pleased to have been part of this success story.” – Director, UK Motor and Injury Claims (Client)

For more information on how Kuarterback can help automate your claims, please contact your Account Manager or Chief Marketing Officer, Dene Rowe on

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