Kuarterback – our latest investment in artificial intelligence

4th August 2020

Kuarterback is our latest in a line of successful automated claims solutions, engineered using pioneering artificially intelligent technology. The system which can be deployed on any motor claim rapidly reads through a stage 2 pack received through the RTA portal, from medical reports to physio invoices, to convert content into structured data fields that can then be automatically processed against a set of agreed rules and valuation matrices to generate a claim value.

The system reviews the stage 2 pack and generates a valuation in less than one minute

Kuarterback is instructed via email or a click of a button (if integrated) on what to do, its machine learning technology recognises various types of medical reports and classifies them. The data is validated against pre agreed rules, and we can apply Know Your Opponent (KYO) insights to the valuation when needed. Optical character recognition technology then turns all Stage 2 pack documents into text, and the data extract is performed relative to the document classification applied previously. The claim will be valued based on valuation matrix, and a valuation report will be generated for the handler to review or offer submitted automatically.


25 minutes is saved per handler per claim through time lost reviewing reports and inputting data.

We’ve reduced indemnity spend through automated Know Your Opponent and benchmarking, and eliminated inputting errors that can lead to inaccurate claim valuations/settlements. We’ve also achieved enhanced data insights without manual data capture, and reduced rates of claims progressing to Stage 3 as compared to the wider market.

The price per claim cost model outstrips all other alternatives and delivers an instant return on investment, it supports new target operating models for a post reform world, and there is no need to wait for costly system deployment – with Kuarterback you can be up and working in a week. Kuarterback caters specifically for motor claims for both MOJ and Non MOJ cases.

For further information on the benefits of the Kuarterback application please contact John Thompson, Director Strategic Accounts on 07464 542 409 or John.Thompson@davies-group.com.

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