Kath Mainon welcomed to a breakfast & discussion on how to get yourself ready for a non-executive director position

24th January 2020

Kath Mainon, CEO of Claims Solutions welcomed a selection women holding C-Suite roles in financial services and insurance for breakfast and conversations on how to become a Non-Executive Director (NED).  

Fiona Hathorn, CEO & Founder of Women on Board has held many positions as a NED and she delivered an insightful presentation that initiated discussions on why & how more women should pursue these sought-after positions. It was a very interactive & inspirational session where the attendees discussed concerns and challenges when going for a NED role.

We’re looking forward to take the conversations further and increase the group in March at our next breakfast event for women in C-Suite positions. If you’d like to attend or know more about the event, please email Siena on Siena.Gunam@davies-group.com.

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