Experience with Davies leaves Henry considering an insurance career

9th August 2023

Davies recently hosted Henry Coombes for a fortnight of work experience and his time with the company has left a lasting impression.

Henry is currently in the second year of an economics degree and was given a taste of life in a number of areas of the business. It has left him seriously considering a future in the industry.

“I chose an economics degree because it is a broad topic and what I am learning can be used across wide range of roles, so it has allowed me to consider my options.”

On his time at Davies Henry says the experience was very positive.

“I have really enjoyed my time with Davies,” he explains. “I have been given the opportunity to understand and experience a range of roles, including marketing for a major industry event. The industry is very broad and contains a wide range of very different roles and responsibilities. The team have all been so helpful. They have all taken time to speak with me and to explain their roles, the challenges faced, and their experience in the company. Everyone said that it was the support they received from colleagues when they first started which was so important. They said it really helped them settle in and feel part of the team. Teamwork is very important at Davies, and the team all told me they love working in the role they have and for the business.

“I found the culture to be very supportive, and open. There is a real feeling that you can ask someone for help and advice, and they will be happy to provide it. I think from my point of view that was a real benefit. It gives you the confidence to ask someone if you are unsure or need an explanation.”

Henry said the two weeks has changed his view on insurance.

“I think like many others I did have a view that insurance was boring,” he explains. “However, I now know it is anything but. I thought that it would have no real connection with my economics degree, but part of my time here was to work on a report around the impact of Brexit and what has been done to counter the challenges it created.

“I am looking at insurance as a potential career after the experience I have had in the past fortnight. I am drawn towards claims, as I think it is something that is not only interesting but also often a challenge. However, one of the other attractions of insurance is the range of different roles that are in the industry and the fact that employers will support you if you want to move from one niche to another.”

Looking to the future Henry says: “The first step is to graduate next year. Then I will look at my options for a career. Another thing that this experience has taught me is that you can read up on an industry or a job, but it never gives you the real picture. I will look to talk to people in a range of roles and industries to ask them what it is really like to work where they do. I hope that will give me a better insight into roles that may interest me.

“If I were to think about where I will be in five years’ time, while insurance is definitely an option, I would like to work in the City of London. The buzz and the fact that clients are so close has been really exciting so I would like to find a career in the City.”

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