Doubling the value of data

9th March 2020

When you have a wealth of customer interaction data at your fingertips, it pays to use it. But one of the leading retailers in the UK was struggling to generate insight from that data to improve the understanding of its product range.

The marketing department asked us to help them to glean insight into their product categories from customer interaction data.

How we helped:

As a first step, we analysed all the platforms and techniques the client had already in use. Utilising the same speech analytics platform the client already had – but deployed exclusively for staff coaching – we built a range of categories that focused on the requirements of the marketing department. We then analysed the existing data through this different lens, providing insight not only to the marketing department but also customer services.

The Results:

Our approach, which we delivered within six weeks, provided rich insights on the drivers of customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction, all using data already captured. We generated a series of reports which were fed back to the product team to help them understand trends and identify actions to improve satisfaction with specific products, as well as overall.

Further, the company could significantly reduce its expenditure on outsourced market research as it had the most valuable data – customer interactions – at its disposal instead.

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